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Story of Two Leaves

December 2, 2015

Story of Two Leaves
Long ago there were two leaves. Their names were Lily and Jack. They lived on a oak tree on Oak Tree Drive. Their tree belonged to the house 3283. Their colours were fine greenish yellow. The family couldn’t care less about the old oak tree in their front yard. Life was good.
Days went by, and weeks, months, and finally the family decided that the tree was taking up too much space, and they decided to cut half of the branches off. But the leaves did not know that of course, and on the day the tree was to be cut, they lost their aunt and uncle to the saw. Well, they didn’t get cut in half, but instead they floated to the ground. Aunt Prissy was screaming “HELP, HELP!!!” as she floated down. The leaves knew that Aunt Prissy was terrified of falling to the ground. When Lily and Jack were little, she used to tell them horror stories of what happened to leaves when they fell to the ground. They thought very little of what would happen, but when they really thought about it, it actually seemed scary. Very scary.

Now a month has passed since Aunt Prissy and Uncle Jakob fell to the ground. Everyone didn’t really “like” Aunt Prissy because she was that kind of leaf that put on too much makeup (Even leaves have makeup!) and she is absolutely TERRIFIED of falling to the ground. But Uncle Jakob was a whole other story. He is usually the jokester at Thanksgiving dinner, or at the celebration of the new leaves. Everyone liked Uncle Jakob. Lily and Jack were sorry to lose their uncle, but their Aunt? Not really. Each person had different horrible memory of Aunt Prissy. For example, for Lily, aunt Prissy had given her underwear (made out of leaves) two sizes larger than what she wore, that she opened at a girl-boy party. Also for Jack, aunt Prissy sent him a toy that teaches you how to count and say your letters, that he opened on his tenth B-day party!

The next few weeks passed in a flurry. The fall season had come and soon the leaves were going to fall off the tree. Lily and Jack were scared stiff when their cousin  Merella, her brother Nathan, and their half-sister Andrina left the family. Jack was shocked to discover that the branch holding him onto the tree was a wee bit loose. He had a breakdown, and Lily had to calm him down by assuring him that there was NO WAY he was going to fall. But in her mind, she knew that the possibility was there, but it hovered near the point zero. The next day, the branch holding Jack got looser and looser. Lily conforted him every day, but in her heart she knew it was no use- he would fall someday.

The day Jack fell was on a Tuesday. The branch was now very loose. Jack felt sick that day after a crazy windy night. When Lily woke up,, Jack was not there. The branch above him was slightly twisted, and wrinkled. Lily instantly knew what happened. She felt to numb to speak. She glanced at the branch above her. It too was twisted. And by the looks of it, she might fall off any second. She looked down and tried to find Jack. Then a faint wind blew over her. She closed her eyes. She felt herself floating, flittering, and flying. It wasn’t so bad after all! Lily landed gently on the sidewalk. She opened her eyes. She now would be with Jack forever. She sighed. A long happy sigh. She closed her eyes……….. Forever.



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