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This sounds super pretentious BUT I SWEAR IT MADE SENSE TO ME AT THAT TIMEEE

I am not (one of them)

May 22, 2018


there are people with grand fates
the lives of the others just one of the burdens on their back
and I say this with conviction
that I am not one of them

there are people that have lived what others can only dream of
they know of magic and the truth behind myths
and I say this with confidence
that I am not one of them

there are people who burn fervent desire
who have the strength to move mountains and raise the dead
and I say this with certainty
that I am not one of them

this is not me trying to act humble
or even a lack of faith in myself
this is the truth as I know it
that I am not one of life's heroes

indeed I am quite cowardly
and I have a mean spirit at times
not to mention a certain misplaced pride in myself
those are things I know

but here is what I believe
that I may not live a great adventure
but that I can dream it and write it
because that is what I am

a hero?
no, that is not what I am
a dreamer, a writer?


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  • Nonny21

    lovely.. keep it up!

    about 2 years ago