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Hi! I love writing about animals, fantasy and just expressing myself through words. 'A painting paints a thousand words' so why not a thousand words form a painting?

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Hi! I write for hobby and for escaping troubles. I love to write as I get to 'live through' the stories I improvise on the spot. It makes me able to feel and be someone else in a world where I can change anything.I hope my words can make a difference

31 days

December 2, 2015

December, the last month of the year. The twelfth month. The end of the year. 31 days until the year is over. Until I leave this life behind and move forward to the next. 744 hours until I am no longer at the first rank of secondary school. 44640 minutes until I have become closer to becoming a teen, one step closer to becoming an adult. 2678400 seconds until it is officially the next year.

December has always been the month of worrying for me. Worrying wether I'm ready, ready to be a year older, ready to become a year closer to turning into a teen, into an adult, ready to face the world. Will things be the same? Or will everything change completely. Will I be strong enough to overcome the changes? Who knew 31 days could bring so many question, but no answers.

Many children wish for the next year to come sooner. They want to be older, want to face the world, daring it for a challenge. But I was never a person who challenged or stood on her own. Every year was a drastic change to me. More things to learn, more expectations. Truly I was on the edge. Was I going to be tested on something I wouldn't know? That everyone else had known? Would I lose the people I loved? Would I face torment from my peers? Oh, how these 31 days bother me. Knowing the days are numbered.

"Relax" they say. "Its only a year."

But its more than they think. 365 days of being a step away from childhood, a step closer to being an adult. THings just get harder and harder and make me question again am I ready to grow up? Am I ready to face this world, one I thought was lovely when young, but realise its cruelty now?

Am I ready to meet the expectations of my age? 8760 hours until my questions will be answered. But once I face these answers, there's no turning back. If I know, there will still be nothing I can do, but worry for the next year.

Every year, people say that December is the month of relaxation. But I truly do not understand how anyone can relax at a hatic time like this? Do they not understand that their lives could simply change completely after 31 days? How are they sure that no one they love will depart, how will they know that they must spend time with them, before the cold hands of death take them away?

Clearly I did not question this last December for I had regretted not spending alot of time with my grandfather. So now I keep this question along in my list. Every year brings surprises, bad or good. You could win a competition, or you could lose your friends. We do not even know wether we will survive the next year, wether our time is up and we join our ancestors.

But this is a part of living. A part of growing up. True, some do not worry abouth this in this final month. But may do it only next year when it is too late. But in a way, these are the harsh lessons of life. We can never peer into the future or know what is to happen. That is the surprise of life. We will never know what we have in store for us. WE will never know wether we will have a birthday again. But we can't change how the world is. I have already learnt that this earth we live in will never turn to our biddings. But it does not mean we have to cave in to it's rules.

This month, December, is the month for celebration, of how we pulled through the years we have gone through. How we are still going, unwavered. So don't worry for what will to come, celebrate what you have accomplished.

Before 31 days are up.

And the cycle repeats.



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