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The Flavor Of Feelings

By: BooksByBrooke

Emotions are like waves,
Ebbing, flowing, up, down, up, down.
Every feeling has its flavor,
many have an aftertaste.
The echoes of a bad decision,
No amount of water can wash it away. 
Anger is Hot Sauce, bursting fiery, fierce!
Exploding in your mouth, like a miniature grenade. 
Sadness, is a flavorless empty bland mush. 
Leaving you with nothing but a bitter tang against your tongue. 
Joy, is the emotional equivalent of honey in tea. 
Warm, splashing, golden, a savory indulgence of the senses.


Message to Readers

This is a sort of poem.(It doesn't follow meter.) I normally don't do poetry but I thought I would give it a try. Feedback is appreciated!

Peer Review

“Sadness is ... leaving you with nothing but a bitter tang against your tongue.”

Favorite lines:
“Every feeling has a flavor,
Many have an aftertaste.”

Not only is this awesome imagery, but the second line stands out because the alliteration used in the first line is broken.

Reviewer Comments

I love this piece!