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The Ballon and the Heat Wave

February 13, 2016

    The white wall is all I can see. I think it's a bakery; people come out with bags in hands, icing on lips, smiles on faces. The little boy hopes his Mother doesn't notice as he takes a cookie from the bag she is carrying. She looks at him, and he hides his prize behind his back. A piece of the cookie breaks off, and lands in my sights. I watch it for two days, three hours and 4 minutes. It drys up, cracks into pieces. A bird pecks at the old cookie, but leaves it for the sound of the river.
    I move. I always move; drifting in the breeze. But this time, I really move. I lurch, and then I am lifted up, up, up. But I'm not being lifted up, I am flying! I see the once roaring river become a trickling stream. I see the once grand lake be reduced to a puddle. I see people hiding, cherishing water, loving shade. Then, I see the large Earth as a whole, it is massive. I drift. down to Earth and around the Earth. I land on a porch. A boy approaches, takes hold of me, and ties me to the porch post. I sway. There I stay.


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