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it's a little personal and emotional, but that's what it's all about :)


May 23, 2018


love is a feeling
an emotion that works when activated by the right flip of a switch
we're programmed to feel it in some way
the butterflies in your stomach
the weakness in your knees
the dirty thoughts in your clean mind
the confusion of why one kiss can drive you mad
the wanting just a touch so bad that it can drive you to tears
only wanting attention from one person
and once it happens
 you'll never get enough of it
whether it's just a kiss, sex or even just a look
you want it 
you crave it
you need it. 

that's what you make me feel
I want you so bad that it drives me mad
you kiss me 
you flip that switch in me
I get butterflies
I get weak in the knees
those dirty thoughts running through my not so clean mind
you kiss me and I'm confused on why I kiss back
again and again and again
You're sitting next to me and the fact that you aren't on me drives  me wild
I want you so bad
I want you
crave you
I need you. 


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