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Decembers in Australia

December 8, 2015

If I'm being honest to myself December in Australia is probably the least inviting month in our year. It's so hot that using an oven for five minutes can start a fire that burns for three days. Which leads me to the fire warnings. At practically any time in the 31 days you can turn on the news and list at least ten places with a total fire ban.
And then Mother Nature presented Australia with storms. They build up for God-knows-how-long and then decide to pelt golf ball sized hail stones at us. Which messes up our power lines and sends the insurance and energy companies into a frenzy and gets them complaining about the number of calls they're getting.
But the rain is always nice and in all the chaos of getting the car in the garage and all the windows shut in a mere 20 seconds, it is a good way to take our minds off the approaching super cells.

The beach is always the pinnacle of our Christmas holiday. Being only three streets away from the waves and a reasonable walking distance is clearly an advantage. We try to save up much money as we can by doing as little as possible to see who can buy the most stuff at the nearby convenience store where the shop owner knows your name and gives you discounts to help you win. The beach isn't that bad - so long as you go at the right time and not in the middle of a 40 degree day, unless of course you want to get so sunburnt you can't sit down.

But of course in December a joyous occasion we should never forget occurs. Christmas. The season of giving. Lists five pages long on what extended family members might like. Often repeating what we got them last year, accidently of course. At the end of it, if we see another roll of sticky tape or wrapping paper it is too soon. It is also the season of love. Giving hugs for every gift you give and every gift you receive so much so that the scents on shirts, mix and leave you in great need of a shower.

December in Australia is Cricket Season. Where the family sits down together and watches a good hour mostly of Steve Smith smashing a century and endless replays of the Baggy-Greens best and worst. This inspires the boys to play their own cricket game and pester everyone else into playing with them as they bend the rules so they win.

But catching up with family and discussing funny moments from the year that was, is the best part of December. And seeing family that we haven't caught up with in a long time is something we all look forward to.

Now I'm not saying that December is the most comfortable month but it is the most comforting. Because it brings us all together again after another year of travelling and the unsuccessful weekly family trifectas. Another year of daily jokes sent in from your uncle and another year of record breaking heat waves and storms.

So if I'm being honest with myself I would choose December every time.


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