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A Breath Into Silence

United States

She likes sugar, notebooks, and existence. A dreamer, scientist, and musician. In love with the night sky. Incurably shy. Always willing to listen.

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........... rain

May 21, 2018

World hangs heavy over the roof;
gravity stretching up to grasp at ankles scuffing the ground
World-weariness - gifted, not asked for - ringing in ears too tired to listen

Oh, but that we could close our eyes,
push ourselves back into the world of imagination
That these mortal temporal issues could fade away
like sugar on a waiting tongue
and not bother us for a day, a year, a century

But the sky presses down on our dreams,
mocking us, saying, "I'm the limit; this is all you could ever be."
And you know you could but shove upward
and the sky would bow to your wishes and rise up
but there seems to be no point.
What goes up must come down: this is a basic law of the universe,
the type you've forced into your head in a desperate attempt for knowledge

World hangs low over our heads,
whispering of things made of monochrome;
of things left behind by the laughter, of things left behind by the missing sun

The world tastes like rain,
and it is such a strange taste
Less a taste than a feeling,
but even so it is the rain that rings in your ears, that coats all you see
It is the rain dripping drop by drop onto your tongue

The world presses down in heavy monochrome,
accompanied by a weary sky

The world tastes gray - can you feel it?
I think it's going to rain today.........


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