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Fate Chapter 1

May 30, 2018

PROMPT: Open Prompt

He was going back to place he hoped he'd never see again. A place where he once called home. Alexander's eyes started to sting as the shadow of his past caved in on him. He brushed away his curly brown hair away so he could get a proper look at his once called home town. Buildings had collapsed. Debris was everywhere. It hurt to see Jevruk like this.

Alexander's life changed when he lost his sister Vanessa in a fire. Ever since then,he had become a totally different person. Alexander felt as if he had lost everything. It felt as if there was very little good left in this world. The only people he could really talk to were his close friends, Amaya, Evelyn, Hunter and Noah. But as the hours turned to days, and the days turned to weeks, he learnt that the only way the pain would stop was if he left. Leave where? He didn't know. The only thing that Alexander knew for sure was that he had to get out of here. Away from the pain. And away from his life.

The day I chose to leave was just like any other. I woke up, got dressed and headed out before anyone else could notice me. The cold December wind pierced my skin the moment I stepped out. The snow crunched loudly under my feet when I started to walk. Evelyn and i had made plans to meet down the creek. The creek was always a comforting place for all of us to get together and hang out. I specifically told Evelyn not to mention our little meeting to Amaya or Noah. I guess I just feel the most comfortable when it's just me and Evelyn. Just like it used to be for the rest moved in. I kept my head down as I made my way through the fruit market.  The strong scent of fresh pomegranates filled the air as it lured me to guy buy some. I quickly rushed over to the wooden stall . "Hey Alex". I quickly glanced up to see a familiar face. It was Hunter. His mischievous smile was wider than ever and his emerald eyes sparkled."Hey Hunter" I replied."H-how much are the pomegranates?" Ever since winter had popped up, the prices went through the roofs. Not many crops grow in winter so all the farmers had to raise the prices on everything to stay alive. "Alex" Hunter said, raising his eyebrows in shock "You don't need to pay me bro" " Thanks" I murmured, as I picked one up. Hunter knew that my family and I were struggling financially. When Vanessa passed away we lost quite a lot of money to cover up all the funeral funds. We had barely enough money to survive let alone pay for school. So I stopped going to school for a bit. But by then Father got a job as an assistant at the local hospital. Not a high paying job, but enough for us to survive. I started to make my way down to the creek. It was a short walk from the fruit stalls so I was almost there in no time. The birds were tweeting and the sun was shining; for a moment I thought everything was perfect. Then I realized how messed up my life really is. A father who rarely sees his family, a sister who didn't have enough time on this Earth. No. My life was far from perfect.

I'm obviously not finished yet but please give comments. I'll be publishing little at at time.

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  • hibasaurus

    Thanks! I'll probably post the next bit today. I've just been so busy lately!

    over 2 years ago
  • Johanna

    I wanna see more!

    over 2 years ago
  • hibasaurus


    over 2 years ago
  • lianhabanana!

    Hey hibasaurous I actually really like it

    over 2 years ago
  • hibasaurus

    Haha sorry I published without realizing the title

    over 2 years ago