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Finding Your Path

May 20, 2018


When push comes to shove
Most would expect
To look up and see
A friend
Someone to catch you,
To hold you,
To say you’ll be fine,
But what if that friend was your enemy, trying to hide?

”Parents know best,”
Is what they all say;
”They will lead so you will not stray.”
Most assume that this would be a breeze,
a nice, pre-cut path, bordered with flowers and things-
Things to distract from the fact at hand:
That this path is a prison, leading to something grand.

”You only need to listen, you only need to try- hard work will lead your dreams up to the sky.”
But my dreams are really being pushed down into the dirt-
How does no one see how much this path hurts?
It is wet concrete that sticks to my feet, barbed wire pushing me forward and fences standing neat,
Guiding me, corralling me- like cattle;
I cry with every heartbeat.

No one has asked me whether I care,
If I want this or if I’m scared,
How am I supposed to go forward and succeed,
If I’m working in a career that I don’t feel that I need?

”Parents know best,” Is what they all say.
”Just work hard, and at the end of the day,
Everything will work out in a perfect way.”

Perfectly perfect,
How everything must be.
Everything must be perfect,
Except for me.
I am so lucky that I have parents who are helping instead of hurting me in my education. So many of my friends have parents and families who are pushing them to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, or businessmen/women and not listening to how much they just want to wait and see where they can go.

I live in a very competitive county, and I find it rediculous that freshmen are expected to already have colleges picked out and plans set for the rest of their lives.

Parents need to help their kids find their own dreams, not live out what their parents weren’t able to do.


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  • AbigailSauble

    I love how well you rhyme. And I respect it, too.

    about 2 years ago