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changing lenses

By: singaporeandreamer


We see our world through lenses. 

Sometimes they magnify, sometimes they sharpen your blurred and unreliable view of the world.

Sometimes they're pristine spectacle lenses, not a smidge of dirt on them. They show you the world in all its glory, and your vision is no longer blurry when you put the concave lens in front of your eyes, and you. Feel. Powerful. You can see everything. 

Or perhaps your pristine, clear, transparent lenses are changed out for something more...tinted. Not necessarily rose-coloured, for we don't always have the best view of our life, but tinted, nonetheless.  Maybe one lens is blue, the other red, to force us to see things, people, animals, anything our eyes lie on, come to life three-dimensionally, instead as a one dimensional line of text on your work document. 

Or maybe, they ARE rose-coloured.

Perhaps they are rose-coloured to make you believe, falsely, the world is a bed of roses, and to, hopefully, force you to remember that beneath every petal lies a thorn. Beneath every rose that a Little Prince adores, are thorns that it uses to fend off beasts. And above every unbreachable armour of thorns that will stab you before they look kindly on you, is a fragile, quivering flower, waiting, waiting, waiting, to be handled gently, to be spoken gently to, to be loved and cherished for all eternity. 

Perhaps you change your spectacles for magnifying glasses, for finding unnaturally and ridiculously small words in dictionaries, for examining the deeds of busy ants scuttling around our backyard, for fulfilling your dream of being the naughty child, converging the pure white sun rays to burn leaves to black ashes.  


Perhaps it is back to black, to shield us from all the glaring things we don't want to see, and to obscure our view completely. Maybe it is we have become more and more short-sighted as we grow up, and not necessarily far-sighted as we grow older. Perhaps it's been scratched, scattered beyond repair, but all could have been stopped had we remembered to stop burying our heads in our work to look at the green pastures at our backyards. Because we were looking for greener pastures.

For. A. Change. Not something we would do if we're satisfied with what we see. But we are not, so we change. Change what we choose to see and we use to see with. The lenses. Change the lenses.

Changing lenses. It may not change others' visions, but it will change our views. Changing lenses. It may not make our world look better, but it will shed a light in our lives. Changing lenses. It may not make us gain insight, but it will make us not lose sight, of the things we love most. The best part is, it doesn't have to always be made of glass. 

Peer Review

"perhaps they are rose-coloured to make you believe, falsely, the world is a bed of roses" Because sometimes we see something good (like a person saving a dog from a river) that happens in the world and forget all the bad things going on (war, famine, etc.)

I feel thoughtful, not as in "I heard you were sick so I brought you flowers and chicken noodle soup" thoughtful, but full of thoughts.

What lense do you tend towards? I think I tend towards the blue lense, but also often reach for the rose lense.

Reviewer Comments

Your mind must be beautiful :)