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Hello! So this just happened to me earlier, and I thought it's something worth sharing. Feel free to drop your comments and reactions, be it positive or negative haha. I'd really appreciate it so much because I know It'll help me improve.

Eating Ants which I Thought were Crushed Peppers

May 22, 2018

I was so hungry that I could have eaten ants. And I did. Literally.

There’s this dining place I usually go, it’s called the Manang’s Chicken, one of the many prominent fast-foods in the Philippines known for serving delectable glazed chickens, chips, and even gourmets.

Yet, this whole article is not about the store, nor about how cute their employees are. This article is about me who was fresh from getting my allowance, and thus hoped to have a good meal, but ended up broke and eating tiny ants, which I never thought my appetite would have even considered eating.

Now, this is the story. 

It was our school’s clearance signing period, so obviously we need lots money to pay various fees here and there. So I went out of the school that day to get the money my mom sent me. To cut the story short, I got the money by past eleven. But the thing was, I had to be back by noon since the school gate pass I filed was only valid before the clock struck twelve. Since it was almost lunch time, my tummy already grumbled heavily. I hurriedly ran to Manang’s Chicken since it was just across the money transfer store where I received my money. As usual, I ordered my all-time favorite glazed chicken and a spicy tinapa gourmet.

The glazed chicken was the store’s best seller. It was basically a deep-fried chicken poured with a special sauce that has the perfect blend of salty and sweet taste. The thing I really liked about it was how the appetizing flavor can be savored even way beyond the crispy, sesame-sprinkled chicken skin. 

The spicy tinapa gourmet, on the other hand, was inspired by tinapa which is the famous canned sardines we Filipinos have been enjoying since our childhood. It was actually like spaghetti, except that the pasta was coated with a tomato-based sauce mixed with crispy chicken skin and tinapa flakes. The soft pasta has also given way for the sauce to seep through, bringing out the satisfying and flavorful taste in every spaghetto.

As soon as I got back to school, I immediately went to my dormitory and left my food at the table.
I immediately went to my teacher to pay my bills. I was honestly expecting to pay just around two thousand, but as soon as my teacher pressed the calculator’s enter key, I was surprised to find out that I was supposed to pay almost five thousand! As soon as I gave my payment, I was finally bill-free. And there I was, standing in front of my teacher, broke. In less than two hours, my five thousand turned to forty-five real quick. And needless to say, I still had four more days to survive until weekend. Hilariously, I started to strategize how to eat for the next four days.

Though still stupefied on how my money faded that fast, I went back to the dormitory to eat since I was already terribly hungry. As I swung my room’s door open, I saw my food on the table. It seemed fine until I came closer, and an unexpected scenario displayed before my very eyes. A colony of tiny ants feasted on my food. I opened the container and there I saw the ants mixed with the gourmet sauce. Some even camouflaged with the dark golden brown skin of the glazed chicken. Some were crawling over the rice, and as I opened it more, some even ran towards my hands.

I did not know what I felt that time. More of a can’t-you-just-let-me-eat kind of reaction. I was left with no choice. I was left with no more money to spend. And I had to eat.

Thus, I decided to just patiently remove every tiny ant from my food. The gourmet and glazed chicken had crushed peppers on them so I wasn’t really sure if the tiny blacks on the dish were ants or not. I patiently removed them and anxiously started to eat my lunch. I was not certain if I did a good job handpicking the ants away from my food, but all I cared about during that time was to satisfy my hunger.

Then it hit me.

Scenes of people begging on the street, searching trash bags and looking for food, immediately filled my thoughts as I was handpicking the ants. I was disheartened upon thinking that many people were suffering in grave poverty to the extent that they sacrifice their health just to fill their empty stomachs, enough to survive the night. Moreover, I imagined infants, barely a year old, crying on their mother’s arms as they long for a milk to drink. 

I understood them, because during that time I experienced a fraction of how they could have possibly felt being deprived from eating a simple meal. Since that time, I understood how they continue to search the garbage bags for food despite individuals who would mock and laugh at them. They were hungry, and that was the best thing they thought they could do.

I then finished my meal and started to clean up. I wiped my table afterward to get rid of the tiny pesky ants.

Lots of things happened to me that day and I gotta say they were all challenging, enervating, but at the same time, enlightening. As of the moment, I currently have thirty-seven pesos on my wallet, since I spent the eight pesos for a biscuit. I now have three more days to last this remaining money of mine, but don’t worry because I got everything under control (winks). Just wish me the best of luck though, because I believe I drained all of mine since the day I probably had mistakenly eaten ants thinking they were just crushed peppers.


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  • markruss_cardan

    Thank you so much for the compliments! Wish you guys the best :)

    over 2 years ago
  • CreativeAngel

    Amazing! Never would have thought of this as a story. ;D

    over 2 years ago
  • Korai

    You're good at telling stories! :)

    over 2 years ago