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Here's my latest piece! Enjoy!

I'm Not Evil, A Greek Mythology Poem

May 19, 2018


Description: Just Hades's perspective on how mortals perceive him and what he thinks of his unfair reputation. I'm doing this because I'm highly tired of people and the media portraying Hades as evil. Hades isn't evil in Greek Mythology,he's just misunderstood (there's a huge difference). Anyway,this one's for Hades. 

Rated: K+ (just to be safe of course)

I'm not evil,I'm just misunderstood

I don't thrive off the pain of mortals

I'm actually very good

But,mortals think I'm wicked

That I have no heart

They all say I only bring death

That I tear lives apart

Hoever, you have to understand that I'm surrounded by death

Woe,pain,and despair

Misery fills up my every breath

Something that not even I can bear

I have a heart of gold,not a heart of stone

My realm is not just my home,but a prison

I live down here all alone

I have nobody,except a few death gods

And of course Persephone,my wife

But,I suffer against all odds

Forced to live in darkness all my life

The other Olympians visit me from time to time,

To see if I'm alright 

I tell them I'm fine,but I lie

I don't want them to worry about me

I don't want them to know the truth

That all I feel is blight

Persephone is my only happiness

She is Heaven's light

She is the one who clears away the gloom

She is the day to my night

She is the joy to my gloom

Even though we see each other for the half the year

We love each other dearly

Full of joy and free from fear

There are days when I wish I could join my subjects

Just let my heart stop and die

Sometimes there are days when I lie down on the floor

Curl into a ball,ready to cry

I'm not evil,why can't you understand?

I try to reach out to you

But,you pull away from my hand

You think I'm heartless

That all I do is kill

You believe I enjoy watching mortals die

That's not true,but you believe it 

And I fear you always will

I do nothing but rule the world below

Death is the job of Thanatos and the Fates

I just sit and take care of the dead

And all the new death that awaits

You never give me prayers

Or ever say my name

It's like nobody cares

When somebody dies,

I'm the one who gets the blame

I'm not evil,why can't you see?

That I'm not the monster you think I am

That I want you to know the real me

If you could look past the darkness

Look past all the doom

You'd see that I'm just a lonely man

Surrounded by woe and gloom

Open your eyes and see the truth 

Be open minded like you were as children

See things the way you did in your youth

See me for the man I really am

Answer my plea,answer the call

Look behind all the shadow

And see,

I'm not evil after all

This is just something I wanted to write! Enjoy!


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  • mrcolinredwards

    Yeah, the Disney film did get it pretty wrong. And in defense of Hades, the poor guy was lonely and Persephone did end up loving him anyway. Read my pieces while you can, my account is being deleted soon.

    3 months ago
  • K. Marie Christen

    Hades did capture Persephone and cause Demeter to create Winter.

    3 months ago
  • K. Marie Christen

    I so agree with Zobot. Hercules has so many inaccuracies!

    3 months ago
  • mrcolinredwards

    Yeah, Hades gets such a terrible reputation because he's the god of the underworld. The guy literally has done nothing and he gets blamed for deaths that mortals claim him to be responsible for! Hera can be really mean, I totally agree. Thanks for understanding!

    8 months ago
  • Zobot

    Thank you so much. One of the main reasons I hate the movie Hercules. Hera was more evil than Hades!!!!!

    8 months ago