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United States


December 2, 2015

       When December comes, it never sneaks up on you. It bursts out from your calendar, rings from the jingle bells, and seeps up you from the entrancing heat of a cup of hot coaca. It drags you out of that awful trance you always get when you think about going to school, and dumps you into the fun of a snow-filled day. December gets you started on the excitement you've been waiting for ever since you finished that last bit of the leftovers of last year's Christmas feast. It prepares you for a month of partying. At the mention of the word "December", your mind is warped to a place of presents, winter break, and mint hot chocolate. Christmas carols will suddenly start to play in your head, like a muted speaker being slowly turned onto maximum volume. It will remind you of the snow that blankets the ground in fine, cold sheets, like the earth's winter blanket. December whisks you into a season filled to the brim with puffy, snowy goodness.


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