Peer Review by Sophia DuBose (United States)

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By: Johanna


I walked on the hallway as I adjusted the straps on my bag. Somebody said hi to me and I smiled, waving my hand a little. It feels good when some one says hi- it shows that they recognise you, and noticed, or even appreciate your exsistance in this world. Even if it's a complete stranger. My lips turned upwards. A simple 'hi' can lift your mood. Then, I saw someone I know coming towards me in the hallway. I know her, but I don't really talk to her. I should say hi. I waved my hand.They didn't notice me. I said 'Hey!'. They didn't hear. I yelled their name. No reaction. And before I knew it, they passed me on the hallway. I looked back.

Well that was awkward.

Peer Review

It feels good when some one says hi- it shows that they recognize you, and you noticed, or even appreciate your existence in the world. This is such a honest description of that wonderful feeling of being recognized. That surprised pleasure one experiences when another person rememberers your name. It's beautiful.

I'm bemused and suffering from second hand embarrassment.

Why did they decided to talk to that person if they weren't particularly interested in talking to them?

Reviewer Comments

This is a fun piece!