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I am just trying and would love feedback I am not that great so just give me some time to improve.

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i have wanted to do this for a while because i love dragons but my favorite charcter is M

Dragon: Part 1

May 17, 2018


I hear my alarm going off, at three am per usual my body is so normalized with warming up this early it doesn't even phase me one bit. I pull off my oversized tee-shirt and put on my training clothes, a tight fitting shirt and leggings, the fabric grabs onto my body and. makes it very easy to move around without having to worry about extra fabric in the way. I pull on my boots pull up my golden hair into a neat ponytail and make my way outside.
I open the door to the training grounds to see that I am the first one there as normal, I sit down munching on a granola bar I grabbed as I passed through the kitchen. I wait around for fifteen minutes before the others even start to show up.
“Hey M!” I hear someone shout from the other side of the hallway. They are talking to M the guy who we know nothing about, M is the guy who gives us our missions, that is why we call him M for mission man. He doesn't reply, he was instructed by the agency to only talk to us when he gives us a mission, they tell him all the time that he is hear for a job not to make friends, but that didn't stop people from trying to break him. M was older than all of us by at least ten years but he was the closest person at the agency to our age. M never really walks around the training yard, he is always in his office and just sends a video message when we have a mission.
M walks up to me and sits down on the bench with me. “Dragon you have a mission,” he says to me. We never go alone, he must have made a mistake, we were all too young to go on solo missions we haven't had the proper training.
“Are you sure just me?” I ask trying not to look at him.
“Your mission is to go locate the drive,” he goes on ignoring my question and just keeps talking about the mission, “the drive has information that is none of your concern,” he just keeps talking, I have so many questions that I just don't ask because I know M won't answer, “the important thing to know is, Dragon this mission is confidential, you must not tell anyone about this, you will receive the information on your wrist watch,” he gets up and walks away. I look around the corner and M disappears. I get up to meet the other agents, I see Phoenix she smiles and walks over to me.
“Dragon!” She yells over to me and joggs over.her hair is fiery read and her skin is pale, she has reddish brown eyes. “Was that M just then, he never talks about anything but missions.” I think of things to say, M said I can't tell anyone.
“Uh he just sat down and looked around then he left, you know M silent,” I try so hard to convince her that.
“Weird, but M is a weird wonder what he wanted?” She asks as she gets up and holds out her hand, “Wanna be fight partners today, Gryffon isn't coming today because he is sick or something, and I really want to fight with you because you are The Dragon and you could teach me some things you know, so please be my partner? I can't sweet talk my life you know,” She asks me. Phoenix was always a talker and everyone loved her but she was great on missions always one to sweet talk into getting information.
“Sure” I say and she just smiles and pulls me on to the mat and we practice.
My mind races all throughout training, I don't know if I am scared or excited for my first solo mission, I also want to know what is on that drive I need to recover and who has it.
When I get back to my room I pull open my wrist watch and read about the mission.
Dragon, you are to recover a drive, you are not to know what is on this drive. You are to meet at the old abandoned warehouse on Jupiter street you are to go alone and not inform anyone on the team. Dragon if you tell anyone you will need to expire. You will receive extra training to prepare you for this mission. The mission is low risk but if you need to you can go Dragon and take care of the problem. You will find a new suit soon. You leave in two weeks so be ready.


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