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Just a new story-line I decided to start to follow. Tell me what you think! (I guess you could call this Part 1) ;3

The Case of Marcus Fletcher - The Appointment

May 17, 2018


Hello, Mister Fletcher.
Do you know why you are here?
Because they think I’m crazy. And they think you can fix me.
I’m sure they don’t think you’re crazy. For one thing, you don’t sound like a crazy person, and I’ve dealt with crazy people before.
You haven’t denied the fact that they want you to fix me. And ma’am, with all due respect, I must say good luck.... because I need to be broken to be fixed in the first place.
Markus, I don’t fix people, I… help them. I offer support, friendship. You understand that this is a safe place, correct? You know anything you say here will never leave this room?
Yes, I understand. But even so, I can’t promise you’ll understand anything I say. At least, not about my… differences.
I’ll be the judge of that. Now, let’s begin. I understand it that you see things that no one else sees?
Yes, but not just seeing them, ma’am. I also hear things and feel them. You could say that... that I notice things no one else does.
And how often do you have these hallucinations?
'Hallucinations' is a word for things that aren’t really there, things crazy people see. Ma’am, I’ve already said that I am not crazy. And my “hallucinations” are real.
But how can something be real if no one else sees it besides yourself?
Even if I couldn't see them, they'd still be there. What about the moon, the stars. During the day, do you say that stars don't exist simply because you can't see them? Bacteria, even. I'm just very observant; I notice things other people miss.
(Skeptically) Uh-huh. Alright, how often do you hallu—er, ‘notice’ these things?
Fairly often. But some days, not at all. It’s unpredictable, really. For example, one cannot predict how many times they will see the color red in one day, can they?
No, I suppose not.
Well, my noticings are very similar to that. They come and go, they don't really follow a routine.
Could you give me an example of your… noticings, then?
Of course. You see that pot of flowers on the window sill?
But Markus, those aren’t flowers. That is a pot of ferns.
Is it? Oh, yes. I see that now. But just a moment ago, that fern did have flowers, orange ones. But I suppose now they've vanished.
Hmmm… I’m still not quite sure I understand, Markus.
(With a sigh) No, no one does.
Perhaps not, but I might if you could further explain?
I doubt you would be able to, even if we had all day. But what could it hurt? What do you want me to talk about?
Well, give me another example, one that you see often.
Alright. Windy days are a pretty common time for me to notice things.
What sort of things?
Oh, all sorts. Sometimes I see ribbons of colored air, like rainbow silk. And other days, I hear people. I hear their voices in the wind, their soft giggles and their singing. No one else hears them, but I do. I can never catch what they are saying, but it's always music.
(looks at her clipboard) Why this is quite strange.
What is, ma’am?
I’ve heard of drunk men having very vivid hallucinations, but not a perfectly healthy boy, like yourself. And hearing voices during a hallucination is very abnormal. You’re sure what you hear isn’t just normal sounds? Or perhaps your imagination?
(Defeated) You don’t believe me, ma’am…?
Why, of course I believe you, Markus. It’s just hard to… understand, child.
I warned you, miss. (shakes his head hopelessly and stands) No matter how hard one might try to comprehend, it’s quite hard to understand what you’ll never experience.
One moment, Markus. You still have 25 minutes.
Oh? I thought my mother said my appointment was seventy-two minutes.
Do you mean an hour, Markus?
No, seventy-two minutes is what I heard, ma’am.
Well, it has already been 45 minutes, Markus. So yes, we have twenty-five left.
Twenty-five, miss? But if my appointment is an hour long, and we have twenty-five minutes left, wouldn’t we’ve been talking for only 35 minutes?
That’s what I said, wasn’t it?
I heard… oh never mind. Shall we continue?
Yes… (with concern) But are you sure you’re feeling alright?
Yes. (sigh) Completely and utterly ordinary.
Welp! I've been working on this piece on and off for quite a while, though it was originally just an exercise for dialogue, it became its own story idea! I'd love any feedback, as this piece is a bit different from my usual style and I was trying a lot of new things here. Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoyed! Also, this may be a storyline I pursue, or just another eternal work-in-progress. Keep writing and God bless, y'all! ;3


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  • Gabriel Goodwin

    Ohhhh, I'm interested where this piece goes to! Thanks for writing this!

    almost 2 years ago
  • Victoria Penning

    This is really good! I would love to see where this goes! :)

    almost 2 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Ooh! I really like this! It'd be so neat to find out why he's seeing/hearing/feeling those things! :D

    almost 2 years ago
  • Quilling Leaves

    This is a good idea, (sorry as I was reading it my brain was a bit slow and my imagination was a bit dry) but maybe you should describe it more abstract instead of do all day normal things unless you’re gradually showing more abnormal things.

    almost 2 years ago