i would’ve given you the clothes off my back, the air from my lungs, the remnants of my heart. but apparently i wasnt good enough. ive never been good enough for your love.

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Abby was a good boy. He didn’t deserve to be killed at such a young age.

Last Breathe- In Memory of Aberforth “Abby”

September 23, 2019

I wrote this in memory of my kitten who was brutally murdered. 

When I go out, I see you lying there, and I just about, leave you there, but instead  I turn around, I holler out “Hello my dearest, hi”, but you just lay there on the ground, My pace quickens, this is unlike you, you’re my kitten, you always come when I holler for you, but you just lay there, not moving a single hair, I fall to my knees, and scoop you into my arms, and I silently start to plea, please Abby, please don’t be harmed, I start to freak out so I  run to the house as the tears begin to fall, and I scream for Mom, and pray that Abby hasn’t been hurt at all, suddenly in runs my Mom, and I yell at her “There’s something wrong he’s not moving, but look, his lungs are still moving, Mom just look, his eyes, oh his eyes”, my poor baby’s bloodshot eyes, “what’s wrong, Abby what’s wrong”, god baby don’t die, but he purrs, and he meows, but it’s a different kind of meow, he meows like it hurts, oh god, please be okay my little baby. We tear out of the yard, and head into town, why must life be so hard, his life could be over any moment now, we make it to the vet in time, oh thank god, now he’ll be fine, I look at the clock, 10:45, “it’s okay Abby” I tell him, “we’ll make it home just in time, to watch the Remembrance Day program”, suddenly the vet rushes in, with sadness in his eyes , “it doesn’t look good” he said, “he has been hit in the head, you better say goodbye”, so the vet leaves the room, just me and Abby now, so I break down and cry, and I plead, and I beg, and all this time you just lay, in my arms, looking at me with trusting eyes, and you purr, but it’s different, because this times goodbye, I give him a kiss, a hug, and a pet, I tell him I love him, and wish he didn’t have to leave me yet, I tell him it’s okay, that he’ll be with me in my dreams, that he will meet Albus, that he will be fine, the doctor comes back with a needle and syringe, he tells me “it won’t hurt him, he’s paralyzed neck down”, so I cup Abby’s head in my hands, I give him one last kiss, one last pet, one last hug, and I whisper, goodbye, I tell him that I love him, that I’m sorry, and that I’ll always remember him, and as he inhales that last breathe, he gives me one last faint purr, he winks, he smiles, and goes limp in my arms, “He’s  gone” the vet says, “he’s at peace, he won’t hurt no more”, and all I can think is, Abby, my baby, I will love you forever, I knew you since you were 4 weeks old, and now at 4months, you have already gone, I wipe the tears from my eyes, and take my baby home, sweet Abby, goodbye, I will love you forever, and ever, forever in my heart. 

Aberforth “Abby” Perceval Wulfrice Brian Dumbledore
June 28th 2017-November 11th 2017, 11:05 am

Today I said my final goodbye to Aberforth. The ground finally thawed, so my baby was buried this week, next to his brother Albus who died a year before Abby was born. 

Abby was my second cat. He was a tiny ball of fluff when I adopted him, and I loved him so much. Abby died after he was attacked by the neighbours dog and suffered from irreversible brain damage. He was paralyzed and convulsing when I found him. We got him to the vet, but Abby’s pupils did not dilate when we shone light in them. That indicates brain damage. Dr. Davis told me that he couldn’t do anything. I had to put him down, and it broke my heart. 

Dr. Davis was saddened by Abby’s death. Abby was a stray at that clinic before I adopted him, me and my sister both worked there so I fell in love with him at first sight. He is familiar with the situation. Abby’s death was not an accident. The dog that killed him has to this date killed 6 cats. 4 of the cats were the neighbours. Wilbur. Pepper. Pesach. Shiloh. 

That dog came to our yard in April of 2017 and tortured my sisters cat, Mr.Whiskers. Mr. Whiskers died under similar circumstances to Abby’s. The dog was tossing him in the air mercilessly. We brought him into the house, to save him from the dog. He didn’t make the night.  His spine got damaged. It leaked spinal fluid into his body, poisoning him. We didn’t know he was hurt until my brother found his body the following morning. We put up a fence to keep the dog out. The day of Abby’s death that gate was closed. The dog got into the yard by chewing through the fence. The fence had no damage to it the day before Abby died. I regularly checked it. 

 The reason I wrote this is to bring attention to aggressive dogs. All the cats that were killed brutally by this dog were loved. The dogs owner refuses to do anything. As a matter of fact, she wants to adopt more cats. The thought of that makes me sick to the stomach. Those cats wouldn’t stand a chance. The dog has recently taken to “playing” with the horses. When the neighbours were on vacation I fed their hoarded, and all of them has bite marks on their throats and legs. Something needs to be done. But I can’t do anything. The neighbours are my grandparents. I want to report them, but I can’t. I volunteer at an SPCA. I know all about animal behaviour. That dog can’t be reformed. The dog needs a new home, somewhere with no pets, no children. That dog is a murderer. So please, if you know a violent dog, please report them. I wouldn’t wish Abby’s fate upon any person or animal. Thank you for helping keep Abby’s memory alive. 


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  • Ella R. Baker

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your kitten. He was so young. Your work was beautiful, though, and it really struck a chord with me.

    about 2 months ago
  • parachutes_the_idiot

    Thank you

    8 months ago
  • hi i'm jackson ;)

    Oh my gosh
    that's terrible. i'm so sorry for you, poor Aberforth and Albus. I love those names, though. aw

    8 months ago