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December Wandering

December 4, 2015

  The pearly white snow fell in my chocolate brown hair, reminding me of the time I dropped the snowglobe at the store. I saw a brief tease of a fawns tail, but my quick motion scared the thing away. I could almost smell the hot cocoa my dad was making back at our small apartment. Oddly enough, I couldn't see any young children sipping from snoman mugs at the park. I came to a halt. I thought I heard someone, but as I looked over, all I could see was a young owl. Laughing, I pulled my plaid scarf tighter around my neck. I ajusted my lucky hat, and went on. Snap! I tripped over a stick and fell down. I twist around to look at my lone trail in the freshly fallen blanket. "I better be getting back," I thought suddenly, "or Dad may start to worry." I pulled my snow covered body out of the snow, grunting at the hard feat it was because of the layers of fleece and puff. 
     The trudge back was hard, especially after the snow started to fall down my back. But I can do it, with the inside warmth and cocoa and Christmas specials on TV. Suddenly, the smell of pine caught my cold nose, warming me instantly. The laugh of my older sister encourged me to run home. I was faced with the wandering peace urging me to stay out, while the family I loved was waiting for me at home. "I think I can have both, thank you very much," I thought, as I brought my dad and my sister out with me too. A fresh snowball hit my back, and the warmth of the people i loved made the perfect day a little bit better.
this is my first story. I hope you like it! If anyone wants to start a writing group, just ask.


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