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18. College student.

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Like many people, writing is the only thing that makes sense to me.


May 16, 2018


I loved the way you bloomed.The way your mind sprouted every perplexing thought. How your eyes saw past my bracts of contradiction And could see my petals of capability. You were exquisite. Your colors so vibrant, no one could compete in my eyes. You stood taller than the rest. That way, everyone could see you at your highest. Your red burned like growing fire. Your yellow, blindingly bright. Thistles painful if the wrong spot is touched. How could you get hurt by the one of the most beautiful things? I could only admire your beauty from afar. We rose in different directions. What rooted us snapped faster than expected And all we were left with were remainders. Attracted all, we were sunflowers. Together, nothing could compare. 
But even the most beautiful flowers die.


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