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18 year old college freshman writing about girls and life.

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out of the deck of lgbt cards, im the ace

i'll be turning 19 this year on august 31, so i won't be able to use this site for much longer. so here's some other places you can find me!
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wasteland kids

May 16, 2018


we were born nuclear --
                glowing bones in supernova souls
                and a volatile fire sparking under skin.
we were born screaming
                in a world dead set on screaming back,
                if only to drown out our voices,
                cacophony of truth and lie and hurt.
we have been fighting since our first breath
                fighting for each breath
                as our lungs are torn to paper-mâché
                under the concrete pressure of gravity.
this world is full of wolf teeth and dragon claws
                all hungry things snapping at our heels;
                run all we want, they'll still be stronger
                but our knuckles are bruised with
                stubborn pride, radioactive love.
i was born alone full of rage --
                anything to survive another day in
                this caged world of ours;
this world is pain and blood and spitfire
                but i will live regardless --
                in bandages and bruises and unbreakable hope

i live on.

i forgive the world because it has you.
a character study of sorts for a novel

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  • Made4Love

    Oh, I really love that last line!

    4 months ago