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Isabella Swenson

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I repeatedly read Harry Potter, Narnia, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo, Laura Ingalls, or Anne of Green Gables. When I'm not reading, I’m writing, grudgingly doing some homework, singing, playing the piano, or my flute.

Chapter Thirty One: I Learned Three Things

May 16, 2018


Lessons on Our Poster (So Far)

  "Students," Mrs. Ramirez shouts. It's Thursday morning, and everyone is working on their community projects. Or, at least, we are supposed to be working on them. My group is, but most groups are doing more talking than working. Everyone looks at our teacher.

  "I have noticed several heavy procrastinators amongst us, and I am giving you a warning: This project must be completely put together by this time next week, when you and your group will give a presentation to the class. So all of you slackers, pick up the pace! All you hard workers, good job, and keep going! That is all."

  Raina groans. "My brain feels like it is about to split open, I swear-" 

  "No swearing," Mrs. Ramirez sings out. She is always eavesdropping on her daughter. The class laughs.

  Raina rolls her eyes. "... Uh, Jake, have you figured out how much-"

  "Yes." Jake confirms. He shows Raina a spreadsheet on his chromebook. "So, this, this, and that are done, but I still have to determine whether or not we can afford this in our budget."

  "Well, get crunching those numbers," Raina laughs. She turns her attention to me. "How is our poster board going?"

  "Good," I tell her. I've been slaving over it for so long, and it's actually coming together. 

1. I've made big, curlicue letters for the title: 'Our Plan to Prepare 100 Meals For the Homeless'.
2.  I've printed all of the arrangements that Raina has made for us and glued them to construction paper.
3. I've created several images that go with our project, using my amazing art skills. (Well, my so-and-so habilidades artísticas... Yes, Raina has been teaching me some Spanish...)  

  "I like the way you do your letters," Raina says admiringly.

  The best part about Raina is how she is always so supportive... And, she never pushes me to talk about stuff that I'm uncomfortable to talk about, for example, Jonas Blick, my mother's boyfriend. Shut up, I tell myself. Just shut up. You don't have to think about him until Saturday. I feel bad about how quiet I've been lately, but I can't think of anything except for things that I don't want to talk about, so I've said very little. 

  "Alright, students," Mrs. Ramirez says a few minutes later. "The bell is about to ring, you may put your things away... Aiden, get off of your cellphone... Oh, don't act so innocent!" 

  While our teacher deals with Aiden, everyone else cleans up. "I can't wait for this project to be over," Raina complains.

  "I can't wait for the school year to be over," Jake chuckles. We laugh.

  "Same," I agree. "At least we have the 8th grade celebration to look forward to!" Assuming that Nick asks me to go with him...

"So... That reminds me," Jake says cautiously. He looks shyly at me. "Who are you- Uh, I mean, is, like... Uh- Did someone ask you to..?" Jake looks like he wished he hadn't opened his mouth, but he miserably finishes his sentence. "Are you going with someone to the dance?"

  Now I'm wishing he hadn't opened his mouth. This has to be the most awkward conversation I've ever had. I feel my cheeks heat up. What should I say??? I didn't plan on going. No, that's a lie. I'm going with my boyfriend. No, Nick and I aren't official yet, and he didn't ask me to go with him, so another lie. Jake, I am waiting on someone to ask me, but you aren't him. No, that just sounds mean! 

  Luckily, Raina jumps in and saves me. "She is going with all of her friends, duh!" Raina and I both laugh it off, and Jake weakly joins in. The bell rings, and he is the first one out the door.

  "I feel like such a jerk," I say miserably. "I totally blew him off!"

  "Without any mercy," Raina agrees. "But you did what had to be done. You'll go with Nick... Right?"

  "I don't know," I sigh. "He hasn't asked me!"

  "Well, the dance is still a couple months away," Raina reminds me. "There is plenty of time for him to ask you. And maybe Nick just assumed that you two are going together. You could talk to him about it, you know." 

  I purse my lips. "We'll see. Thanks for helping me out a minute ago, by the way."

  "Of course." 



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