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I once ate some spaghetti, then I got aids. The End

How spaghetti changed my life

May 16, 2018

PROMPT: Open Prompt

One day I was sad because I lost all of my robux to a scammer in ROBLOX.
Then I was called to the table to eat dinner.
I was crying because I couldn't use my mom's credit card to buy 9000 more robux.
I got to the table and she set down a huge plate of hot, moist, steamy spaghetti in front of me.
I took the fork and twirled the noodles around the fork and lifted it up.
I moved the steamy, sauce covered, cheesy spaghetti into my mouth.
The delicious spaghetti covered all of my tastebuds, showering them in saucy goodness.
I chew it, making sure to bite every part of the spaghetti, and then I swallow it.
I repeat the delicious process until all of the spaghetti is gone. 
My thirst is unbelieveable so I take the cold, condensated glass of water and sip it lightly.
I take my bowl to the sink and wash it with Dawn all natural dish soap.
I walk back to my room and put my headset on.
I move my mouse over the Fortnite icon and click.
I prepare myself for a long, hard game of Fortnite Battle Royale.
I then play 999 games of fortnite and get 999 wins.
Ive only gotten one win before of squads, but turns out the spaghetti made me stronger.
I felt the spaghetti in my soul, coursing through my veins at an unbelievable pace.
I felt the power of one million plates of hot spaghetti, then i went cold.
I couldn't handle the power of the spaghetti, I passed out in my chair and woke up in my bathtub.
The End


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