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December 2, 2015

    Wake up in the morning to a white, snow covered wonderland. You are too excided to wait any more. You hop into snowpants, zip into a jacket and slip into boots. Open the door and... wham! You fall into a snowbank. You are not mad, winter has BEGAN!!!!! Mom yells to you to tell you that school was cancelled for the day. One by one, people emerge from their houses and start to prepare with their shovels. Kids build snowforts from the snow shoveled by their parents. Then the kids gather together to build a huge snow hang-out. Everyone is tired after a day like this. Hot Chocolate is passed out to all who are outside. Kids decide to watch a movie, like Elf. Perfect day in December. People start to leave to go home where their comfy bed is waiting for their sleep. You drift off to sleep hoping tomorrow will be just wonderful as the day you just experienced. You dream of soft, fluffy snow and lots of fun throughout your sleep.


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