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A teenage wannabe awash in metaphors. I kind of breathe arts which is convenient because I'm no longer good at math. Primarily a songwriter/poet but (very) slowly attempting to write fiction!

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I want to someday call myself the creator of pieces that people find beauty, enjoyment, or healing in (since those are my justifications for staring at blank documents until my brains ooze out my nostrils)

"How strange it is to be anything at all" - jeff mangum, neutral milk hotel

plagiarism of mercury

May 16, 2018


With eyes glowing sleepily in hand-me-down sunlight
You can offer a smile and a kiss but
I see right through you, darling.
You long for mundane, 
Pine after sweet but
You’ve no idea I’d welcome rough:
Pierce my belly
Pin me to a wall
                -  Call me “doll” of course  -
If that’s what turns you on
Because for someone so strong,
So full of falsely claimed independence
It’s startling,
How readily I’d let you control me for better
(Or better, for worse)
Ever faced with choices
That I’ve already made
Pretending to mull it over
(Ho and hum for good measure)
Knowing though ever changing
I will forever be the same,
Staring at pointless problems,
Such as how
Mercury is no lover of mine so
I don’t need to justify him on my body  -
But you, Saturn, you
Are on thin ice;
And the only one who can still hold me together
Is a dangerous thing to be.
Slip your rings onto my fingers
                    -  don’t worry, it’s not like they can get any colder -
Then watch my digits drop off
Just like my white dress;
Though I apologize in advance
For all you’ll find,
Are bones where my breasts used to lie.
Sorry, Pluto
But nobody will make time for me when I’m dead
So I’m waltzing down to Asphodel a little early
I hope you don’t mind.
And, Saturn:
For the record,
I’ll stay waiting for you to join me.
Except you’ll be in Elysium, you
Celestial saint, you
Godless miracle, you
Roman enigma incapable of any earthly flaw
So on second thought,
Though I’ll be lost in hooded eyes and forgetting,
Will you wave to me from the other side?


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  • Riley Noel

    Wow! This whole piece is so stunning and beautiful!

    2 days ago