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I live in Massachusetts. I love dogs, playing piano and hockey, and of course, writing!


December 2, 2015

The wind whistled, tossling my hair around my head. I shivered, and started to rub my hands together. My gloves were somewhere inside, but I wasn't going to go get them. The neighbor's house was adorned with light, and I could see the Christmas tree gleaming through the window. I could hear the clatters of pots and pans as my dad, uncle, and grandpa were making Christmas Eve dessert.  I could smell the fresh nutty smell of almonds, and I took a deep breath. Aftertaste of of roasted chicken rested in my mouth happily. Suddenly, a sharp sound woke me up from my trance.
    "Anaise! Desserts ready!" 
Smiling, I ran into the house. 


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