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Alternate History Outline?

May 16, 2018


    So, today I'm going to be outlining an alternate history of WW2 that I thought of. Let's start.

    Ah... tiny Luxembourg. Making friends with the other democracies. Wait, why did they elect a communist representative? OK... I guess they're going communist.
            Skipping ahead until Luxembourg went Communist.

    OK, all the democracies don't love Luxembourg anymore. Also, Luxembourg has made friends with the Soviets. Oh, join the Comintern. Luxembourg wants to stage a communist coup in France? Wait, does Luxembourg want to declare war on Belgium? 
            Now instead of a weird narrative, the events are just listed.

Luxembourg declares war on Belgium.
Belgium joins Allies, calling them in.
A communist coup starts in France.
France joins Allies.
Communist France joins Comintern.
Luxembourg falls.
Germany declares war on Poland.
Poland joins allies.
Netherlands goes communist.
Netherlands joins Comintern.
Communist France pushed back to Brittany.
The border there is a stalemate, but to capitulate Communist France, the allies must get to Corsica.
Germany declares war on Netherlands.
Yugoslavia goes communist.
Allies and Comintern sign white peace.
Allies and Comintern form non-aggression pact.
Baltics join Allies.
Italy declares war on Yugoslavia.
Yugoslavia joins Comintern.
Italy joins Axis.
Mexico goes fascist.
Mexico joins Axis.
Mexico declares war on America.
America joins Allies.
America quickly conquers Mexico, now it sends it's full force to Europe.
Democratic civil war appears in the Empire of Japan.
Japan declares war on the Empire of Japan.
Japan joins Allies.
Empire of Japan joins Axis.
America keeps 3/7 soldiers to fight on the western front.
America lands in Europe.
Netherlands falls.
America drops it's first nuke on Berlin.
America nukes Tokyo.
The Empire of Japan surrenders.
America sends it's full force to Europe.
Germany makes many unsuccessful pushes into France.
Germany is pushed back to Berlin.
Berlin is captured.
Germany surrenders.
Italy surrenders.
War is over.

Poland is taken as an SSR.
East Germany is taken as an SSR.
France split between the democratic north and the communist south.
The communist Union of Benelux is formed.
Democratic government established in West Germany.
Austria released as communist.
Democratic Japan forms.
America takes Mexico.
French colonies in Africa are released.
Democratic government established in Italy.
Yugoslavia splits up into Croatia, Red Serbia, and the Balkan Republic, all communist.

This is very disorganized and probably confusing. I'll be answering questions in the comments.


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