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Sayonara Man: Chapter Three

June 1, 2018


Sayanora Man patrolled the city, looking for threats 8n every area he went. He always got weird looks from people due to wearing a helmet, but he didn’t care. Threats could come at any time, especially the wrong time.

On the other side of the city, a group of Superheroes were in a office building. Specifically, it was their office building, because, unlike Sayonara Man, they had money. 

This is bunch of Superheroes was known as Squadron S, they were in a meeting, but attacked by some  Minotaur looking monster.

The head of the group, the superhero that went by the name Handsome Gent, who was currently having the worst nosebleed in his entire life, ran up to the Minotaur, and punched him. 

The Minotaur laughed, and punched back, harder than the hero. “Is that all you got, little runt?” He slowly walked up to the injured man,”You think you can beat the Raging Minotaur with those moves?” 

Handsome Gent was slowly realizing that there was no way in the world that he and his group were going to win this.

On the street below all the fighting Sayanora Man heard noises coming from the one of the top floors of the building. Luckily, to get up high places quickly, he had a superpower to help him: superhuman jumping. It mostly came from leg strength, and for it work effectively, he had to ge a running start. So he ran towards the building and jumped almost thirty stories, startling everybody in the area of the jump.

Sayanora Man had short time to get ready for the hardest fight of his life.


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