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Sayonara Man: Chapter Two

May 18, 2018


Sayonara Man went to a woman with a megaphone, and asked,”What seems to be the problem?”

The lady looked at Sayonara Man, understandably confused at this man in a strange uniform, and said,”That man up there won’t let our kids play on the jungle gym.”

”Fools!” The King of the Jungle Gym said,”I rule all that I see! If the children want to play on this, they must pay a fee!”

“What’s a fee?” A little kid asked.

”It’s where you pay money,” Jungle Gym King said.

”Oh,” The little kid said,”What’s money?”

Jungle Gym King looked around at all the little kids, and realized there were easier ways to make money than this.

”That’s enough!” Sayonara Man said,”You’re evil shenanigans are over!”

”Who the heck are you?” Jungle Gym King asked,”You look ridiculous!”

“I am Sayonara Man!” Sayonara Man pointed to the sky,”The Superhero that does the jobs no one else wants to do!” 

Sayonara Man than lived a kickball he borrowed from a kid, and threw it Jungle Gym King, who got hit directly in the face, whih caused the king to fall down.

Jungle Gym King got up and shouted,”You jerk!” He then ran up to Sayonara Man, than got punched in the stomach by the superhero.

After the fallen king got arrested for disturbing the peace, Sayonara Man gave the kickball back.

”You may want to wash off the nosebleed blood,” He said.

”No way!” The little kid said,”I wanna remember this forever! You’re awesome, mister!”

”We’re washin off the blood Billy,” Billy’s mom said.

The incident didn’t get much news coverage, but Sayonara Man did gain some fans.

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