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Diary of an Ungrateful Teenager

December 3, 2015

Mall Santa
You must already have an idea of what I'm talking about. You know...the weird, sweaty dude dressed up as "Santa Claus" taking photos with the little kids. Yeah, that guy. I love how he actually tries to look like Santa. I would never have a job like that. Ewww. All those tiny people peeing on your expensive costume. 

I mean, year after year you give your parents five dollar gift cards for Christmas and Hanukka, and yet they still seem dissapointed every time. Don't you think they should be used to it by now? 
                    Dear Janie, 
                    My mom is really mad at me because I didn't put "meaning"
                    in the gift I gave her for Christmas.
                    My dad, too. They even took away my computer for a week. Apparently
                    I need to show them I know what
                    Christmas is really about to get my computer back. What should I do?
                            A Desperate Friend

                    Dear Friend in Need,
                    Wow, your parents are even stricter than mine!
                    But I know how you feel. Here's what you should do; 
                    Tell them how much you love them(If it's none, or just a little, than lie)
                    and work hard to get good grades in school. 
                    Basically just make them happy.
                    True fact; 
                    When parents are happy, they buy you a bunch of stuff and give you things they think you like.
                    (It works every time. Trust me, you're speaking to an expert Parent Specialist.)





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