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December 2, 2015

"Mom, where is my winter jacket?" I yelled upstairs, looking frantically in the closet. 
"It should be there!" She yelled back. There it was- the faded plaid pink down jacket that smelled like the hot chocolate I splilled on it last year. 
"Found it!" I hollered, slipping it over my sweatshirt. I grabbed my orange gloves, my backpack and waterbottle, and ran outside. My sister was sittling on our stone steps waiting for me.
"It snowed last night you know." She informed me, her feet crunching in the thin layer of snow. 
"Duh." I replied, and started walking next to her. "Anyway, we got to keep on going or else we'll be late for school." 
"OK, Ok. Are you excited for Christmas?" She asked, shoving her hands in her pocket.
"No, all the presents are horrible and I hate the food."
"Really?" Her face creased, frowning.
"No!"  She laughed at that, her laugh so infectios that I joined in, our breath steaming in little white clouds. And before we knew it, we were at school.   


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