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What My Mom Really Needs To Hear

May 21, 2018


My mom really needs to hear that she is the most strong independent woman I know. She is always there for me when I need to talk or even when I am down. When we are hungry and we don’t like what she or other people are cooking she will go out of her way to pick us up something quick. Also if we are eating out and we all want different things she will go to different places to get what we want. I don’t live with my mom but when we need rides to places she will go out of her way to come get me and take me to my friends. She is a forgivable person when you do something wrong she will forgive you depending on what it is. I love how she will put her kids first no matter what the situation is.  I am grateful for everything that she has done for me and for everything that she has bought me. I am also grateful for her bringing me in to this world if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be here today. Thank you for being both of my parents for the longest time. When my dad was never there for me you were there to tell me all of the thing that a dad should of done. Also thank you for not giving up on your 6 kids and not walking out on us. You have took care of us by yourself for the longest time. You have worked your butt off to get the things that we needed and put everything to the side for us. You are so strong and independent we went through so much together and we still smile like nothing's wrong but that's what we have to do just move on. I know something are hard just to move past but sometimes it's just best that way. You have been there for me through every tear I cried and you were there to wipe them. You were there through my sick days to hold my hair back when I was throwing up.You were there through my scary moments to hold my hand and telling me that it’s going to be ok. You were there for me through my bad days at school and telling me that tomorrow will be better. know you will always be here to stick by my side no matter what. I also know I can call you and talk about anything no matter what time of day it is you will be there for me.  Mom you have gave me the best life that I could possibly ask for. I would not trade you for the world we fight for eachother and stick together. Thank you for being the best mom that I could ask for.


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