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“Chosen Ones”: Chapter One

May 14, 2018


The world, especially one in a fantasy setting like this one, needs a villain. Be it a giant fire breathing dragon, or a wizard that happens to be evil, or some really strong guy, villains come in all shapes and sizes. 

The current villian in this world is an evil king named Steffen, who also happens to be a wizard. Steffen’s crimes included: taking over a small kingdom, taking over multiple kingdoms, thus creating an empire, and also summoning an undead army. He claims it is cheaper than using humans, which is actually correct. 

One day, Steffen was sitting on his throne, reading the necromancy classic,’How to Raise a Family’, when suddenly, four teenagers barged in, breaking the throne room door.

Without looking from his book, Steffen said,”Your,going to have to pay for that.”

”No we won’t,” A blonde teenager said,”For we shall slay you!”

”No one says ‘slay’ like that anymore,” Steffen said.

“Actually, your majesty,” Heathcliff, Steffen’s skeleton attendant said,”It has regained a resurgence in popularity.”

”Be silent, monster!” A teenager holding a bow said,”This does not concern you!”

”We shall kill the evil emperor!” A brown haired teenager yelled, posing with his arm outstretched.

”After this, I can afford a door!” A teenager holding a staff said, crossing her arms.

Steffen put a bookmark in his book, and stood up. 

Ignis!” He yelled, and pointed to the teenagers. The teenagers were then set on fire, then died. 

Steffen decided to finally eat breakfast after that.



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