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Useless Rambling 2

May 14, 2018


This is even more useless than the 1st one. And shorter. I'm just writing to pass the time.
I can't really think of anything to write. Well, don't take this seriously guys.
Have you ever realized how you always hear about people with missing limbs are always heroes or really talented? I mean, does missing a limb motivate you to want to do something? Also have you realized there are games where there are things to buy with real money like weapons; it seems unfair, basically the rich people get the good weapons. It should be based of of experience, like if you play and get this many wins and blah blah blah then you get credits for that and then you can buy weapons and stuff. 
I'm actually scared for the next generations because our generation is making a lot of mistakes and is really dumb. In the future, will eating tide pods be the way to get accepted into friend-zones? Scary.
Alright, as much as I don't want to end with tide pods, my time is up.


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