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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Practice makes Perfect.
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Percabeth-The Saviour

May 17, 2018


    The Hunters of Artemis had attacked the Princess Andromeda after reaching the ship. Artemis had told them that the seven demigods would be captured on the Princess Andromeda. They had assumed that it would be the Argo 2 crew but they saw Leo Valdez on the ship waiting for any sign of fighting and monsters to blast the ballista. Coach Hedge was just manning the Helm singing random words that made no sense. 
    The Hunters of Artemis used grappling hooks to get on the deck. The whole hunt came including Thalia Grace, Zoe Nightshade, Bianca Di Angelo, and Phoebe (the group's expert healer). They reached the deck and their silver bows were already drawn. Each monster had a silver arrow in them by the next five minutes. The Nemean Lion was the hardest to fight. Fighting it, Zoe remembered the time Percy Jackson shot the ice cream sandwiches in the mouth of the lion. Phoebe shot a silver arrow in the lion's mouth and it disintegrated leaving the Nemean Lion coat behind. Phoebe took i and gave it to Bianca after a lot of 'No, you take it.' and 'No thou shall take it i have no use for it'. The next five minutes were a blur of silver and dust. Finally, Thalia shot the last monster, the gorgon, and it slipped into the darkness. We hadn't seen Luke yet but stayed alert to expect more monsters.    
    The demigods were still stuck in their dungeon room and even though they had weapons, the walls were built especially to contain demigods. They already tried and gave up losing hope until they heard the sound of fighting. It ended about five minutes later and they heard footsteps. Frank wasn't in that bad of a shape after Hazel healed him. He was able to stand but not change forms. Jason and Percy looked perfectly fine and stood up in front of Annabeth and Piper. Nico was not ready to just leave everyone and he didn't have enough strength to shadow travel yet. 
    The door bursted open and in the lead were Thalia, Bianca, and Zoe. They had their hands up as Nico put his sword up against Thalia. Percy and Jason crossed their swords against Bianca and Zoe. The room was silent for a moment as the boys slowly realized who they were messing with and put their swords down. 
"Well that was happy" Zoe mumbled.
"Hey! You're lucky we didn't attack." Percy argued.
"Yea you guys would've been dead by now" Jason added.
"If we let you. You know that the hunters always keep their bows" Thalia said hugging Jason. 
"Phoebe heal the girls" Thalia commanded as lieutenant.
    Phoebe went over and she was shrouded in moonlight shimmer as she healed Piper's leg and lessened Annabeth's scar.
"This scar is pretty deep it might take some time to heal. Even i don't have enough power to fully heal it." Phoebe said with a concerned face. Percy's worry lines deepened as he leaned down next to Annabeth who flinched as he put his hand up. He stopped and just settled for kissing her forehead.
"Annabeth did something else happen?" Percy asked.
"N-No. Nothing at all" Annabeth quickly replied. Percy knew she was lying but let it go as they were in a room filled of Hunters and demigods. They quickly left the room and reached the main deck to find Luke with his knife against Leo's throat.
"Don't move and drop your weapons!" Luke yelled.
 Leo's eyes were pleading for help but at the same time telling them to run away. Everyone carefully placed their weapons on the floor except Percy.
"PERCY! Drop the weapon or he dies!" Luke pushed the knife harder against Leo's neck and a faint line of blood showed. Percy threw his weapon off the ship and Luke stared at him like he was an idiot. Luke forgot that Percy's pen would come back to him.
"That's better. Guards! Seize these imbecile demigods and leave the girls alone." The skeleton guards that apparently everyone thought were killed came out of a room that was probably for Luke. They grabbed Percy, Jason, and Frank by the neck and a couple other guards surrounded everyone in a huge circle. Jason was turning sluggish but barely alive from the tightness that the guard held him around the neck. Percy was handcuffed and the guard took out a sword placing it across his neck. Frank was frozen in terror but probably still able to think as he didn't turn into a bulldog. The girls didn't know what to do and just stood there. Annabeth was staring straight at Percy and it was silent for a minute. Frank suddenly gagged and clutched his throat. Everyone thought it was real but only Frank knew it was fake. He lay on the ground as the guard stood above him. Despite everything, Hazel rushed forward to help Frank but Bianca and Piper held her back.
"Let me Go! Frank! Hazel cried. 
"Frank is okay don't worry" Piper said soothing her friends nerves. Everyone stared at the body of Frank Zhang who lay on the floor eyes closed. Hazel glared at Luke who almost looked terrified. Luke hid a lot of jewels on the cruise ship and Hazel ended up bringing it all up so everyone was knee deep in gold, silver, and diamonds.
    Frank turned into a grizzly bear and attacked Luke taking the knife held at Leo's neck and putting it against Luke's. Everything got silent again. The guards hesitated as Jason's guard released Jason from his hold who then touched his neck as if to make sure it's still there. Percy kicked backwards at his guard hitting him in the soft spot as the guard fell to his knees. Annabeth rushed over and quickly picked his handcuffs with a bobby pin. Percy pulled out riptide which reappeared in his pocket. The hunters all quickly shot arrows at the frozen skeletons. Not a single skeleton moved as they knew their master would be killed. The demigods all surrounded Luke. Leo produced a net, courtesy of Hephaestus, and soon Luke was bounded.
"Thank Goodness for Frank, Man we were gonna be dead." Jason said clapping Frank's back.
"Yea. Frank should be an actor" Leo mimicked Frank gagging. Everyone laughed.
"Well, we sure had fun but we must now go. Stay safe and thou shall prevail." Zoe Nightshade said.
They all said there goodbyes as the Hunters disappeared in a flash. Then they all turned on Luke glaring murderously. Percy looked like he actually was going to murder Luke but Jason and Nico stopped him.
Zoe Nighshade and Bianca Di Angelo died, yes i'm aware, i'm adding them back in and for those of you who want a backstory for them say in the comments. Also say if you want one backstory for both of them or one for each also say that please. Thanks for supporting and reading my series! <3
Should Luke die?


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  • CreativeAngel

    Ok thanks for the suggestion and IM SOOOO HAPPY you included the poem. Im definitely trying to write more poems don't worry <3

    over 2 years ago
  • camlily

    I think it would be really interesting to have their backstories. Your backstory of Luke was really good and I really liked it, so I'd love to hear more about the backgrounds of the characters
    As for whether Luke should die or not, I'd just have to say go with your gut. Where ever the plot is going, make your decision off of that. I'm sorry that's the best advice I could give!! :/

    You should write more poems!! Also, we included your piece "The Land of Magic" in the literary magazine. It's like the second page!! :D

    over 2 years ago