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It's Not Fair.

August 26, 2019

PROMPT: Child Narrator

There's glitter ALL over my hands.
I sat on the tiny patch of grass that made my backyard, looking down at the card in my lap. It was covered with all the glitter i split, and now the drawing is all ruined. I really, REALLY, want to cry.

Today was hockey practice, and i was way more excited than usual. I was super busy all morning, because i was gonna make a present for dad as soon as i ate breakfast. I was gonna make a card with all the stuff he loves, like the colour Blue, paper clips and the green trees mum forces me to eat.

Now, looking down at the mess of blue glitter, green trees and paper clips in my lap, tears had already started making it's way down my cheeks. Today was supposed to be perfect because dad was finally coming home. He was actually gonna see me, all grown up and I was gonna wear my prettiest dress, and put bows in my hair, and show him Mr. Stuffles. 

But now i can't, because the whole day is ruined.



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  • WitchyKittyKat

    Not trying to be mean but just a tip, you keep switching back and forth between tenses (ex. "It WAS covered with all the glitter I spilled, and now the drawing IS all ruined"). You want to stick to one tense to be clear in your writing, and help the reader understand.

    about 1 year ago