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Joyful December Days

December 2, 2015

 Ahhhh my December. I love that month so much! So joyful! Everyone's happly laughing and chatting. Everyday is so ecxiting knowing that you are one day closer to Christmas! I wake up and jump out of bed saying "Yay one day closer to Christmas!". I also really love going to the store with my family and deciding which Christmas tree it's going to be this year, "Mom look! This one's nice!"  "No no no, this one's softer, I like it more", "Hey look over here, this one is perfect!".
"Deck the halls with bells of holy, Falalalalalalala!" Time to decorate! Colorful beads of green, white, red, and a shiny star at the top, lights surrounding houses and mistle toe hanging from cealings. After all that decoration, time to go out! White shiny snow everywhere, snowmans and igloos huddling together, laughter fills your ears as you play with your friends in the very soft comforting snow. All my energy ran out, let's go back in and have a warm chocolately hot chocolate! Best drink ever! Makes me warm, sleepy and ready for relaxing, the day is over and everyone is going to sleep with smiles on. This day has been so amazing and each other day in December month will always be so wonderful.


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