난 괜찮아♔ Fingertips tracing patterns across the canvas of the sky♕ 忙着追逐天空中的流星♙

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16 year old. Visionary. STEM student. Aspiring entrepreneur. Most importantly, a writer whose love for the universe will flow from her fingertips into this misty software network of codes and algorithms and somehow find its place in your heart.

P.S. Finally updated this after so long. I'm sixteen now, oh how time flies. Getting rusty :/


May 13, 2018


Don’t know where to go
Torn apart between two worlds
Suspended within the air
Flailing, scrambling

A myriad of universes
Just within my reach
The choice is barely mine

1 2 3 4 5 6
Eyes closed while flipping coins
There aren’t enough dots on the dice I rolled
Which path am I to take
In this complicated labyrinth without an exit
Each step is only gonna lead deeper

This road is taking me nowhere
Afraid I’m just walking around in circles
Afraid I’ll just hit a dead end

So small and vulnerable
Out here in the open space
Stumbling across the wilderness
The occasional predator
The trusted friend
Who would lead me, who would guide me

I feel like I’m walking on a tightrope
Just a step out of the line can lead to damnation
Which road is wrong
Which road is right
There are paths they say I mustn’t take
Don’t be foolish

Falling on the sidewalks of life
Winded paths and crossroads
I’m bound to meet my fate

Still wandering
Like a sailor lost on an abandoned ship
Gazing across the vast wide sea
Full of possibilities like an unplotted map
Hoping to see a light

Come on let’s not be hesitant
Come on let’s take chances
All roads lead to Rome

If only there was a lost and found box
I’ll gladly seek solace
But all I have now is myself
I want to believe that the path I chose is right
Sometimes losing yourself is the only way to find yourself

Strolling down an unbeaten track
Knowing it is safe
For this path is mine to take
As I’m walking with my own two feet
I consider myself

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