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Your Best Friend: Chapter Two

May 12, 2018


The forest was dark and foreboding, and Jeffrey had just used his last flare. He soon saw an area that was suspiciously lit, so he just had to go there.

When he got there, he saw a teenage looking guy standing in the center of the lit area, almost like he was under a spotlight. He wore a nice blue suit, some church worthy slacks, and wonderfully worn dress shoes. A smile was plastered on his face, making him seem friendly.

”Hey there, pal!” The man said,”It’s me, Billy! Your best friend!”

Jeffery was silent.

”Come on, let me guess what you want,” He put a finger on his head, and looked like he was pretending to think,”You want the wish orb that’s here, don’t you?”

Jeffery was still silent.

”As your best friend, I shall help you! I want the wish orb as well!”

”Your not my best friend,” Jeffery said,”My best friend is the person closest to me.”

“That’s what you think!” Billy yelled, then vanished in a puff of smoke.

Jeffery went up to where Billy was standing, and looked up. He saw what looked like the roof of a building, and headed in that direction.

He had found the forest village.


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