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Im a good boiyo, I flex my grades at school and I am 100% tryhard. My types of kinds of music are national anthems and my favorite music website is Wikipedia. Im also pretty triggered that I can't type in different languages on the website as well.

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Hey i worked pretty hard on this if you kinda like it pls read the first part on my account

Commies vs Capitalists {part 2}

May 12, 2018


       Truman calls in one of his most trusted Generals and a good friend, the white house door slowly opens with a loud creaking noise, Truman muttered to himself "Ugh I need to buy some more WD-40." Inside the oval office, the lighting was great, the sun had just started to set and the sliver of the yellow sun with hues of red-orange and purple illuminated the sky. The light shined into the clean room, the old American flag shimmed in the warm yellow light, as the light shines proudly onto flag the light also illuminates small amounts of dust floating in the air. Then as the door squeaked all the way open, general MacArthur appeared. Truman let out a small frail smile and said "Thank you, MacArthur, for coming, I greatly appreciate your hard work and dedication to protect this country" then Truman weak smile slowly dissaperad and turned into a grim frown. "MacArthur, democracy is failing it can no longer compete with Communism, millions of our youth have been supporting Communism and transferred to the communist party, communism has always been the ideology for the Youth, giving them promises like they don't need to work, or they can get free handouts, the appeal of a feel great Capitalist paradise cannot even begin to compete with Communism." Then MacArthur responds in a deep and but calm voice "I am also concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within."{that was a real quote from MacArthur} "Those filthy commies, have been shipping in hundreds of thousands of copies of the communist manifesto and sending popular communist leaders to the US to corrupt the youth" MacArthur then gets an angrier and says "I say we nuke those filthy communist pigs" {Fun fact, Macarthur threatened to nuke China during the Korean War and then Truman fired him for that}. Truman then states "No, my friend to start a nuclear war is suicide, for all of us humans live on Earth and to bomb the Soviet Union would create nuclear war and then we would all surely perish."
{Camera shifts back to Soviet Russia and Mao and Stalin having another meeting} 
"My comrade, Mao you have truly inspired us, our great Soviet nations have raised above all Capitalist countries including the despicable United States of America.:" Exclaimed Joseph as he pounds his fists on the table in joy. The room that Mao and Joseph are in, is very large having a grand fireplace in the middle of the room. Above the fireplace sits the portraits of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, the large portraits of them are embroidered in a fine maple frame covered in precious metals like gold and silver and decorated in jewels like emerald, diamonds, and sapphires. The great founders of communism had just recently passed away and strangely they died on the exact same day, also expensive black silk cover the sides of fancy frames. The rest of the room has red curtains covering the walls though there are no windows, a Chinese and Soviet Russian flags rest on each side of the room. The walls and ceiling are covered in large paintings of Communist propaganda and the floor is of old hickory flooring that had been polished to perfection with each floorboard shinning in the warm light from the marble fireplace. Mao Zedong then takes in a large breath of air and says in a soft voice "We have made it so far comrade, but we must remember the past and commemorate the founders of this great ideology and the ones that have started it all, we must arrange a great funeral for Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx in addition to all red army soldiers who have died in War, it would be a spectacular event and would celebrate all that we have achieved." Stalin then smiles and says "Yes what a great idea, we shall start planning tomorrow."

To Be Continued 



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  • Support The End

    Yep this is fiction of course there was no WD-40 is the 1950's and america kinda won the cold war.

    over 1 year ago
  • GeoPlayer123YT

    I'm pretty sure this is fiction, right? I wonder if America will have a communist civil war.

    over 1 year ago