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I'm from India and New Zealand. Writing and reading give me hope. I believe in spontaneous cartwheels, forgiveness, and blank pages.

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no clue what this is! I tried to zoom out but let's just say that my camera was kind of wonky. Also, for reasons unkown to me, our family gets called 'the cats' so you should be able to figure something out...

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May 10, 2018


a flower petal is torn from its moorings on a boat fit for fairies and floats down the river
a doomed chicken scratches at the grass
a tired child swings again through the monkey bars and into a play house
monsoon rain spears a rusted red roof
trees peer down from small valleys
roads scar the flanks of large hills
an abandoned fort is out of sight, high above, but still fuels the imagination
far beneath, three kittens nestle in bed.


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