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Im a good boiyo, I flex my grades at school and I am 100% tryhard. My types of kinds of music are national anthems and my favorite music website is Wikipedia. Im also pretty triggered that I can't type in different languages on the website as well.

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Commies vs Capitalists {Part 1}

May 11, 2018


            Soviet Russia 1945, Joseph Stalin pounds both his fists on a large oak table in the middle of the room, opposite him sits Mao Zedong still sitting there thinking as Joseph blood starts to boil and veins start popping out of his forehead. Mao Zedong starts stroking his non existent beard and says in Russian a deep Chinese accent "Comrade we must stop the means of production, we must defeat the bourgeois". Joseph sits back into his chair and leans back comfortably, he then starts to calm down and the veins on his forehead as well as his chest sink back into his skin. " My beloved friend and comrade, I agree with all my heart but how shall we accomplish such a difficult task?" 
         {camera pans to different scene and starts to shake in like all those Vietnam flash backs but instead of Vietnam it's Mao Zedong's childhood}
             "Mama, what's for lunch today?" said Mao Zedong in a sick and frail voice in Chinese, Wen Qimei { Mao's Mother} responds in a voice that is just as frail and sick as Mao voice. " Mao my dear child, I am sorry tell to you this" Mao's Mother is saying as she  is weeping and sniffling"Your father died in the Sino-Tibetan War." Mao started crying as well. 
      {Camera pans back to the Conversation that Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin are having}
"Joseph my father died in a war, my mother was poor, we were on the brink on starvation" uttered Mao in a deep and calm voice. "To even think I could become the supreme chairman of World superpower is unspeakable, If I could become Chairman then anything is possible." Stalin then breathed in a deep breath and finally calmed down his fist unclamped in to hands and fell to his sides. "Comrade you are right, we can do anything if we put our minds to it" 
             {5 years later, WW2 never happens and Communism keeps expanding without stop, Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin still the leader of the communist world, Camera goes across the world and enter the White house, Truman is president at this time} 
" Those dam soviets!" muttered the President of the United States, he slammed both his fists on a wooden table similar to the way how Stalin did 5 years ago. Harry S.Truman was rarely a angry man, I fact you could google a photo of Truman and you couldn't even imagine what he what look like when he got angry. The last time he got so angry was when he was in Pre-K. 
{Flashback similar to Mao's flashback} 
     "Harry what a wonderful painting" said Ms.Stewart as she examined the painting that Truman had painted with his hands, paint of all colors covered his face and his hands. Suddenly behind him the school bully came up to him and slammed his hand full of black paint onto Truman's painting of Thomas the Train Engine. First Truman cried at his ruined artwork, Thomas now had a great big streak of paint covering his face. Then veins started to pop out of his head and then he started breathing heavily. In the background Ms.Stewart had dragged the bully into the dreaded timeout chair full of splinters. Truman charged at the bully with all his strengthen and push the bully into the wall knocking out two of his teeth. Blood then  splattered the wall and Truman was now calming down. 




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