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18-year-old TCK obsessed with language in general, especially the written word, for my entire life. Working on my first fiction novel. Check out my blog at for more writing and even some art (my avatar is one of my paintings)!

Taste the Sky

December 2, 2015

Sky spreads above, a dome encircling our world. The coolness of it soothes my throat as I drink in the starlight, remembering other nights beneath its folds. I taste velvety blue, sprinkled with pinpricks into glory. I taste wood smoke, crackling fires in fine sand and tales told under the comforting folds of a darkness that draws secrets from your throat. I taste rain, cool and sweet, and the exhileration of a thunderstorm in bare feet. The brilliance of a hundred streaks of light bounces around inside my skin, longing to be released. 


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