Peer Review by Suri Purefoy (United States)

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Time is not on thou side

By: purplpeanut


Wilt thou wonder on heavens tears?
When everything seems a'missed?
Like streetlights on heavy raine'd afternoons, 
When thou read from heavy books,
Painted with words of artists' hand, 
He who so masterfully created, masterpieces, that thee of thy world reads for ever after,
Such pieces so carefully crafted, with ink and pen, page and paper,
Of dear Hamlet, he who holds a skull and speaks to friend not foe,
Of dear MacBeth, for he who killed his king for right of power,
For dear Romeo and juliet, the star crossed lover fools who unite
For his other characters, deemed not as worthy, but contributing still
Of book smart Horatio, dreamy laughter of Mercutio, brave but bold Benvolio?
He who gave us these stories, these plays, that have sunk into our very knowledge, 
our very essence, he who is now gone, though his stories live on for ever after,
can we not acknowledge his brains?
For a stitch is placed in time,
a stitch upon his artistic talent gone. 

Message to Readers

Anything guys. From how it is written (shakespearian language) to the very matter of the words

Peer Review

My favorite line has to be "For a stitch placed in time,
a stitch upon his artistic talent gone." Beautiful. And, yes, I guess that was two lines, but they're amazing!

The strength added to this wonderful piece by the subject of time was marvelous. I liked how it wasn't really about Time, but it was at the same moment.

Reviewer Comments

"Time is Not on Thou Side" is a marvelous piece, complete with the pleasures of Shakespeare's writing and characters, memorable lines, and the subject of time, all wrapped together in a tasty bundle!
You did a truly wonderful job writing this! Keep it up!