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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Percabeth-Escape Failure 101

May 11, 2018


"Ah Ha!" Luke slammed opened the door with many skeleton guards behind him.
"Luke get out of here Annabeth is with me and we're leaving" I was stunned that Nico had that much courage. I gave the kid less credit than he deserved.
"Yea right. Guards.. ATTACK AND SEIZE THE GIRL!" 
"Oh shoot.." Me and Nico said.

    Nico quickly drank some nectar and his dark black eyes glowed in the dull room. Nico pulled out his Stygian Black Sword ready to fight. He let loose his Underworld Powers. Skeletons crawled out of the ground ready to attack but the skeletons from both Luke and Nico were hesitating because they would be attacking there own. 
"Forget you Imbeciles! I'll handle them myself." Luke said pulling out Backbiter, his celestial bronze and mortal weapon deadly to everyone. He swung it in an arc destroying five nearby skeletons of his own. He lunged forward catching me by surprise and Nico just blocked him from my face but i still got a cut down my left cheek. I backed up against the wall as Nico forced Luke back. The skeletons that Nico summoned were slowly dissolving meaning that Nico was slowly losing power. He was pushing Luke back but Luke was a better swordsman. Luke slowly backed up then suddenly removed his sword releasing all the force causing Nico to stumble forward, hit his head on a table, then pass out. Luke advanced on me as i tried forming a plan but couldn't in all this panic. What happened next is left to history.
    "OH MY GOD THAT"S AN AMAZING PLAN" Percy bounced up and down like a child ready for action. 
"LET"S GET THIS PARTY STARTED" Leo barged in momentarily silencing everyone until they started cracking up. They were going crazy without the smarts in the group.
"Let's go" Jason said smiling with the others. 

Jason was looking at the other ship. They were hearing a lot of noises coming from the ship. Now he comes to think of it, Nico Di Angelo had been gone for a long time.​..
Jason suspected that Nico had something to do with this especially when he saw skeletons running out of the room to get more guards. He put the plan in action as he grabbed Piper by the waist and flew into the air. He landed them on the main deck of the Princess Andromeda.
"COME TO THE MAIN DECK FOR FREE DEMIGOD FLESH!" Piper yelled applying charmspeak. Ever since she had been claimed, her charmspeak had been gaining power by the second. Immediately, every monster on the ship rushed to the main deck. They closed the two demigods in a circle. About 200 monsters including, dracanaes, ogres, a Minotaur, hellhounds, gorgons, harpies, and even the Nemean Lion.
"Uh oh.." Jason said as he slowly lowered his sword. For once, neither of the demigods looked brave and ready to fight. The monsters slowly closed in on them as the Nemean Lion growled as it advanced in the lead. Frank had turned into a swarm of bees (no one knows how that works). He stung all the monsters as they tried to swat Frank away. Piper pulled out her dagger as Jason once again raised his sword. They charged together taking down as many monsters as they could. Hazel sensed where Nico was though she couldn't get a final reading. She grabbed Percy's hand and blushed as they slipped into the darkness. They arrived in the room but it was a crazy mess.
    Percy and Hazel shadow traveled right in front of Annabeth. Percy stood in front of Annabeth and drew his sword as he sliced at Luke reopening the dragon scar that ran down the side of his face. It wasn't enough. Luke jumped back as he touched the wound on his face and winced. The skeletons weren't as confused as one quickly lead them out of the room and the rest of the remaining, about ten, rushed out locking the door. Hazel was feeding Nico unicorn draught (which worked better on him). Annabeth collapsed to the ground and put her head in her knees as she hugged them. Percy slid down next to her and stroked her hair muttering soothing encouragement. She looked up her eyes bloodshot and puffy from crying. She laid her head on Percy's chest and he kissed her forehead. Nico woke up and took in the scene. He sighed realizing that they were locked in a room. The door opened as the guards threw in Piper and Jason. Piper was limping and Jason was rubbing his temples as if he were hit by rocks (he knows from experience).  Hazel and Nico quickly caught Piper and Jason. They laid Piper up against the wall near Annabeth. The floor was cold stone while the walls were old and grey with not a single window. Jason sat next to Piper frowning, realizing everyone was in the dungeon. Apparently Frank had been caught to because a moment later they threw in Frank who was bruised up with cuts everyone. His shirt was covered in blood and he had a black eye. He winced as he hit the floor on his already broken shoulder. Hazel quickly ran to him and with the help of Nico got him against the wall with the rest of the demigods. Defeat was so painful it was as if people were screaming it in their ears. Annabeth's eyes were closed but she was very much alive. Frank's wounds were tended by Hazel who brought a backpack of healing kits and ambrosia and nectar. A demigod's survival kit. The bag of ambrosia was passed around as each demigod took a piece to calm down and heal themselves. Instantly, they all felt awake and alert. On the main deck arrows could be heard and lots of screaming then complete silence. The demigods looked at each other in question not knowing what had happened while they got locked away, out of everyone's vision.


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    Oh it is perfectly fine

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    I just realized that I didn't even like or comment on this piece! I read it the day it was posted but I don't know why I never liked it. I guess I was busy and just never had the chance...? Either way, I'm sorry :/

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    sPiCy :P

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