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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Percabeth- Freak Out

May 8, 2018


It was sunrise now and Percy's eyes were bloodshot. He refused to go to sleep and was frozen as a statue. He was fading as well. Hazel went to put her hand on his shoulder for reassurance but her had slipped through. She backed away scared and tried again and he was solid. Nico could feel Percy's life force fading away and many others in the crew claimed incidents where their hand would pass through Percy. Leo had gone crazy without rest trying to pinpoint Annabeth's location while Jason flew around whenever they stopped in an area to find anything suspicious. Piper was using Katoptris to find anything helpful but all she got were the baseball scores which she quickly had to hide to prevent Coach Hedge from taking the knife. Coach Hedge, in fact, was very tired though he refused to show it. He made Iris messages to basically everyone he knew including both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter. They made sure to inform Sally Jackson so she would not worry but she looked pretty worried. Percy still hadn't moved from the one spot on his bed and had his eyes peeking out from under his knees. He hugged himself close and hadn't made a sound since they put him in his cabin. His eyes were glossy and dark, not at all convincing like a seal. Jason was cleaning up the mess hall and would bring food to try and get Percy to eat but it was never eaten. At one point, Jason brought in a glass of water and Percy flung it all up towards the ceiling, still not moving. Jason nervously laughed but Percy didn't even crack a smile. Jason went to check on Percy at noon but this time he was laying on the floor. His eyes were closed and he was throwing a fit. Jason called for Frank who had turned into so many animals to search every single place. Frank came rushing down and soon enough the rest came running in. They tried waking up Percy but he wouldn't wake up. His arms were flailing and he was kicking his legs. 
"WAKE UP PERCY, WAKE UP" Piper screamed in desperation and without meaning to, using charmspeak. 
"Huh? What?" Percy abruptly sat up to his friends concerned looking faces. 
Hazel gasped and stumbled backwards.
"Hazel?" Frank reached out for Hazel as she accepted.
"Are you okay?" Jason said for reassurance. Percy looked super confused.
"Annabeth what?" Percy demanded shaking out of his trance immediately.
"Annabeth is fading away. She's in critical condition."
"Where? How?" Percy Demanded.
"Okay listen everyone, Nico and I have this sort of connection that our father provided to us. Sort of like a built in telephone in our brains. We can send messages and calls to each other just using our mind. He just sent a message that he shadow traveled to Annabeth. They were about to shadow travel back when Luke stopped them" Percy immediately perked up at his name."Nico says that Annabeth is in serious trouble and we should come as fast as we can. They are on the Princess Andromeda ship" Hazel finished taking a deep breath. Percy freaked out saying stuff like 'why couldn't i keep her safe' or 'why Annabeth, take me'. He kept rambling on till Piper put a hand a his shoulder. They hugged like brother and sister as Piper calmed down Percy patting him on the back as quiet cries escaped his mouth and tears fell freely onto Piper. Jason and Frank were talking to Hazel forming plans and sharing details. Leo was up in the helm navigating. Coach Hedge suddenly burst in, saw the scene, and left for his room. Leo boomed on the speaker.
"WE ARE LANDING AT GREECE, PLEASE REPORT TO THE MAIN DECK" Everyone got up and headed up. Jason and Piper helped Percy climb the stairs as he kept breaking down. The view was amazing. They leaned over the rail looking down. Leo switched to water and they settled by the dock. Nearby was another ship. Percy gasped at he saw the flag with a big, black, 'K'. 
"There" Percy pointed. The others saw what he meant. They had to hold back Percy from jumping in the water.
"Percy please wait!" Jason said.
"But Anna-"
"I got a plan" Percy immediately stopped ready to listen.
"Okay, So here's the plan. Piper and I are gonna fly on to the top of the ship and get the guards to surround us. Once we are surrounded Frank here," Jason gestured to Frank. "Is gonna fly over as a swarm of bees as we start fighting. Hazel is going to shadow travel you into the area where Nico and Annabeth are. Leo and Coach Hedge are gonna stay on the Argo 2 to cover us with Festus."
"OH MY GOD THAT"S AN AMAZING PLAN" Percy bounced up and down like a child ready for action. 
"LET"S GET THIS PARTY STARTED" Leo barged in momentarily silencing everyone until they started cracking up. They were going crazy without the smarts in the group.
"Let's go" Jason said smiling with the others. 
Okay so guys i'm sorry for not posting in forever and that Annabeth and Nico aren't in this chapter. Next chapter you'll find out what happens. :D


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