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stretch marks

May 6, 2018


"i can't wait to eat ice cream when i get home"
i was told after telling a close friend of mine
that very sentence
that i should be careful, 
not to eat fattening foods
because i would get stretch marks.
i have known him my entire life,
we had grown closer of the years
and i trusted him
so hearing him say this
was a shock.
i looked at him
to see if somehow
he was joking
but no
he was serious.
"i already have those. 
on my legs
on my stomach 
he looked at me in surprise.
he went on to ask 
how i obtained them.
laughing, i said
"they were a gift."
looking confused,
he nodded 
but did not further the conversation.

that day, 
i realized something.
there will always be haters.
no, this specific person was not a hater,
but curious and wanting to "help" me.
there will always be people who will break you down
no matter how confident you are.
forget them.
you are perfect in your own way
and sure, its cliche
but its true.


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1 Comment
  • Isabella Swenson

    Telling girls "Watch what you eat or you'll get stretch marks" is exactly what is wrong with society today. I really appreciate how you have love for yourself, even though you may not fit into society's box, or even your friend's box. Telling him your stretch marks are gifts is awesome. Keep writing!

    over 3 years ago