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October 14, 2014



I truly love words. I love the way they feel when you speak them slowly, letting each sound fill your mouth, and I love the way they feel when you spit them out as hard as you can, biting down on each syllable to emphasize your linguistic capabilities. I love long words that go on forever and have a complex arrangement of letters, and I love basic words with one or two syllables that you can always count on. Words with strange meanings never fail to amuse, and words with everyday meanings never fail. There are the words that are special to one person that you have to associate them with because, well, it's their word. And then there are the words that belong to everyone, that any person can delight in. Silly words that you hear once and love and immediately forget, and words that you use every sentence and never take a moment to consider. Words that sit in only one language and words that jump through each, words that have ten meanings and words that are sacred to one, old words and new words and words you just made up. There are so many possible constructions to be made with these words and so many ways to structure them, so many ways to say them, so many ways to sprinkle your life with every kind of word. I have a thousand favorite words for every possible reason; how they sound, how they feel, what they mean, and how they look. Words are special. Words are spectacular. Words are the building blocks of every single story, essay, poem, lyric, letter, movie, play, conversation, shopping list, written or spoken interaction in the history of intelligent human life. Words are the building blocks of civilization, a link to the past, and a constant companion in life. In some situations, words are the essence of communication. In others, they are completely unnecessary. But they are never meaningless. They always communicate something, especially about the person using them. Words are inspiring. They do so much without us knowing. Choosing the right word, just the right word, is so absolutely important. Because two words may share a meaning, but they will always have different shades of it, diverging uses for it, and separate connotations. They may communicate ideas so similar that the difference is negligible, but it will still be there. They may communicate ideas that look so incredibly similar but are really vastly different territories that will say vastly different things to your audience. They may say something laughably different, or plainly wrong, or just barely not close enough to mean what you want it to. Every word has it's unique purpose, and every word is valid. Words astound me. They are all so mind-blowingly vital and fantastic and fantabulous and beautiful. I always want to pick a favorite word. I want to have one at the ready to tell the world "This is it. This is my word. I love it and this is why." But the truth is, I have no favorite word. I can never choose. There are too many words to pick and too many reasons to pick them. I can never have just one. I truly love words.


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