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The Mercenary That Couldn’t Feel Pain: Chapter One

May 6, 2018


[You should read the prologue before this.]

The man’s name was Regan Dugmar, and all his life, he never felt pain. The priests in his village discovered this when one accidentally dropped Regan, and when they didn’t hear a cry, they assumed him dead. When he realized he was not, they thought Regan to be an abomination, and refused to show him to the Gods. This made Regan a heretic, causing many insults thrown his way. 

In his teenage years, Regan meet fellow heretic, Johann Lichen. Despite being a heretic, Lichen was an accomplished swordsman, being the founder of the Reichland School. Lichen was staying in the village Regan had his home, and took a liking to the heretic. He decided to take Regan on as an apprentice.

So Lichen practically kidnapped Regan, taking him to the Reichland capital of Reichquarter. It is then Regan met Lichen’s wife.


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