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October 15, 2014



My favorite word: love.

Now I know, it's a common word. People use it all the time. It's thrown around like confetti at a parade and no one can stop you from throwing it around, but sometimes those are the best words. Those words are the most complex words because they can be used however you want them to be used. You can create anything because people use it for everything.

Love can sound boring but it doesn't have to be. It can be complex or simple. It can be fantastic or dull. Love can be thrown around everywhere or used in only specific occasions. Take this for example: He embraced her. His face buried in long, brown locks and her face pressed into his shoulder. His heart beating ardently, as his hands arms around. So this is what love felt like?

It was not complex, yet it wasn't a run-of-the-mill occasions. Love can be expressed however you desire. You can manipulate the word to however you seem fit. It can be used often or barely at all. It can be perceived as flawless or impure. It doesn't have to be how someone else see's it. Love can be exactly how you expect it or not at all. It's how you want it to be.

The reason this is my favorite word is not because I can make it how I want to be, but also because imagine a world without love. Nothing would be worth living for. It would be like waking up everyday, not feeling a single thing. It would be horrible and dull. It would just be down right terrible. Love is needed in this world.

The word just makes sense. I mean the way it can roll off someone's tongue or how it can be so simple as saying, "I love your boots." It doesn't have to be hard. It's not always easy either. So with all these reasons, I challenge you to find one reason the word love is not one of the best words in the world.


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